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Dr Steven Rossi – Springs Medical Partnership

Dr Steven Rossi – Springs Medical Partnership

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“I work in a 5 partner, 10000 patient practice in the East Midlands and we have used Blue Stream across all members in the Primary Care Team for the last three years or more.
We find it an extremely useful suite of modules and integrate it with our in-house training of all levels of the team. We will either use it as “homework” set before an educational event so everyone is up to speed and we find this makes for productive sessions, or we ask people to follow up an education session with a module which reinforces as set of messages.
The safeguarding modules have been particularly helpful in ensuring all staff have received appropriate training and our recent CCG commented on our good use of this technology.
From a personal point of view, I find Blue Stream helpful in maintaining my personal development and I like the self-directed learning it promotes and being able to do modules at times convenient to me and my family life.”

Ravali Goriparthi – Tulasi Medical Centre

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“We have been using Blue Stream Academy for almost a year and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of their team for the excellent service. Previously my Practice Manager used to organise various training sessions for our staff; due to annual leaves and surgery opening times, we were never able to get everyone trained up. The training sessions were expensive and used to be time consuming to organise, since signing up Blue Stream Academy, all of our staff promptly got trained. We all feel that these online modules are very easy to use and educational. The modules for doctors/nurses were quite comprehensive and enough to satisfy our mandatory training needs according to my Appraiser; interestingly, this includes the Basic Life Support training. My Practice Manager reports that her life is so much easier as all the certificates are stored in one place and she can monitor our staff training progress. Finally, our staff folders look good with a lot of certificates.”

David Sheppard – Rosedean House Surgery

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“I previously used another online training provider for my clinical and non-clinical staff training.

I find the Blue Stream Academy modules are better tailored to the needs of General Practice and there are many additional benefits to the product.

The management tools automate many of the processes I previously carried out manually hence saving me a considerable amount of time. The ease with which new users can be added to the system, together with the training matrix which automatically records training completion for my staff and reminds them in advance of the need to update their training, is first class.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to other General Practices.”

Andrew Cornell – Ashdown Forest Health Centre

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“I would not hesitate to recommend “Blue Stream Academy” to any PM considering this as a training package.

The suite is easy to use and works well for ALL staff. My clinicians are delighted because it does help with their CPD!!

From a management point of view, I am able to ascertain at a glance who is nearing a training renewal/update and make the necessary arrangements. The ease of access makes it possible for staff to log on at home or work, stop and start as they feel fit and take the modules at their own pace. A very worthwhile investment and one that pleases the CQC!!”

Jane Mackie – Herts Urgent Care

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“Blue Stream Academy are a very professional, customer focused organisation, who will work with you to meet your organisation’s needs. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering moving to a new provider for statutory and mandatory training.”

Tina Khanna – Slade Green Medical Centre

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“We have been using Blue Stream Academy for all staff clinical and non-clinical to complete their training requirements. We have found the site very useful and easy to use. It makes it easier for me to manage my staff training needs using the training matrix. I am also able to add and remove training dependent on role within the practice.”

Chris Andrew – The Hawthorns Surgery

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“As a busy Practice Manager, I would not have got through our CQC visit without Blue Stream Academy.

They cover all of our training needs and met all that CQC were looking for in training, in an easy view report; from Basic Life Support to the Mental Capacity Act.

They are always updating modules and introducing relevant new subjects. One of my HCA’s has undertaken the Care Certificate and passed. It is easy to
fulfil our practice training requirements from work, or home, so suiting everyone’s needs.

The GPs use it towards CPD hours for their appraisals and the nurses for their re-validation. It covers all requirements we need in an easy to use format.

Thanks Blue Stream.”

Simon Walsh – Gosberton Medical Centre

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“The staff and partners at Gosberton Medical Centre have found the Blue Stream Academy eLearning modules very informative and easy to use. It is great to have all of our required training in one place and can track who has done what and when. Keep up the good work!”

Patricia Gibbons – Tudor House Medical Practice

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“We have used Blue Stream Academy’s eLearning Suite for over 12 months and find the system very easy to use, the modules easy to follow and as the manager it provides an excellent audit trail of training undertaken.”

Lisa Moffat – Fearnhead Cross Medical Centre

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“Blue Stream Academy has simplified our training schedule and has been a hit with our staff. Everyone has found it easy to use without the need for complicated login procedures. The modules are user-friendly and training can be tracked by senior staff. For once, a really useful tool for General Practice.”

Tracy Doyle – The Village Medical Centre

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“We have been using the GP Practice eLearning Suite and I must congratulate Blue Stream Academy on a great learning package. It is certainly the most user friendly and simple, yet completely comprehensive that I have ever come across. Well done!”

Trevor Woolley – West Bridgford Medical Centre

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“I have found Blue Stream training software very helpful. Apart from being CCG financed, it has standardised our staff training plans, and the admin tools available to me are helpful. The courses themselves are intuitive and achieve the learning objectives. I am really pleased we have it available.”

Matt Doig – Dr Smith and Partners

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“Blue Stream Academy has transformed the way we train our staff. New starters can do all their essential training without paying for courses and we can keep staff up to date with all their training needs. We use modules in group settings as well as staff working through them on their own. It’s a great resource and one that continues to grow.”

David Wigley – Northwood Medical Centre

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“Blue Stream Academy Training was acquired primarily in order to ensure that my staff read all the necessary policies developed for CQC compliance. The staff have to read the policies before they can print off their course certificates. The system is easy to use and also maintains an individual training record. Mandatory training is also covered. This has proved an excellent investment.”

Jane Sheppard – The Meadows Surgery

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“I would wholeheartedly recommend this training module to anyone in the NHS. Clinicians and clerical staff alike took to it easily and actually seem to enjoy the training sessions. They are easy to use and even our most computer-phobic members of staff managed to log in and activate their modules successfully. I will definitely be renewing my license when it is due. Many thanks for an excellent product that does exactly what I wanted it to do.”

Kevin Gately – Townfield Health Centre

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“We have been using the Blue Stream Academy eLearning Suite now for over four months and have found the training to be of a high standard, easy to use and very informative; staff enjoy the flexibility of the training modules. From a personal perspective it allows very time efficient training, what training needs to be carried out is very clear and concise and the flexibility to dip in and out is very beneficial. Along with a documented suite of training for all staff, it assists us in meeting our basic training needs.”

Lindsey Stockton – Ashbourne Medical Practice

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“We have just signed up for our second year’s use of Blue Stream Academy’s GP Practice Suite and even in these times of ever decreasing budgets, we had no hesitation in signing up for another 12 months. Their modules hold people’s attention, and they do learn. So enjoyable do our staff find this form of training I sometimes worry that they will run out of modules, but Blue Stream Academy seem to rise to that challenge by providing new modules on a very regular basis. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Sharon Greenwood – Garswood Surgery

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“I tried out a demo module and found the quality of the site and the training offered to be quite impressive, but more importantly for me it provides a sort of “One Stop Shop” for all our training requirements including the CQC. It resolves the issue of when exactly we are going to carry out all this necessary training, arranging protected time and staff cover where necessary, covering the cost of trainers and then picking up on the stragglers who miss out and trying to arrange remedial training for them. Staff can do it in their own time, during PTE events, etc. Blue Stream Academy were great to deal with and we were enrolled almost immediately – they only needed a list of our staff and doctors and within minutes they had provided passwords to access the site and we were good to go.”

Ian Friend – Frimley Green Medical Centre

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“We have been using Blue Stream Academy’s eLearning Suite for 2 years and are just about to sign up for a further year. As well as being simple to use, the suite provides all the reports and certificates needed to evidence training. This ‘one stop’ training resource meets pretty much all of our non-clinical staff and most of our clinical staff’s training needs and is flexible to allow access from home and the workplace. Indeed, many of the staff have chosen to do their training from home at a time that suits them. The ability to add our own policies to the training modules personalises the training to the practice (in addition to those examples now provided by Blue Stream). As a large two site practice with 70+ staff, we needed a flexible solution at a reasonable cost and Blue Stream Academy have provided the means to provide quality training to a large number of staff and in a way that supports their individual training plans. I would have no hesitation in recommending Blue Stream Academy.”

Primary Care Development Team – NHS Cumbria CCG

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“Blue Stream Academy’s eLearning system was introduced on a CCG–wide basis three years ago. It has remained the system of choice for all but 2 of our 72 GP practices).

Adoption of the system has created a number of benefits for both the CCG and practices including:

  • Assurance of a standardised high quality approach to mandatory training.
  • Better use of the CCG-funded protected learning time sessions through co-ordination and flexibility of mandatory training sessions.
  • Ability to customise specific training modules to meet CCG requirements e.g. safeguarding.
  • Practice discount for organisational sign up.
  • Enabling practices to meet CQC standards around maintenance of training records and CPD requirements.”

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