Policy and Document Management

Use our comprehensive management system to maintain version control, audit usage and ensure compliance.

Blue Stream Academy
Customisable Policies

Saving you time

We offer a library of generic policies and documentation that you can download and customise to suit your organisation.

All documents are held securely on our servers and only accessible when logged in to Blue Stream.
One of the main advantages over an inhouse intranet based document system is that policies and documents can be viewed and downloaded from anywhere.
Find out which policy versions have been read by which staff.
Monitor version control and assign authors to maintain policies. Set reminder dates to review via an automated email.
Built in reporting tools to show which staff need to read which policy, and who has or hasn't.
Having all policies and training within one system will help staff quickly identify relevant documents and demonstrate where information can be found.
Ensure Compliance

Prove staff compliance with protocols and policies

A powerful document linking system bringing eLearning and policy management together.

  • Upload a policy or document and attach to an eLearning module. Staff are then required to read the policy before achieving a certificate

  • A certificate of achievement shows that staff have understood the content, viewed relevant policies and proved knowledge.

  • Produce reports to show who has read which policy and provide documented evidence to CQC.

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Document storage and version control

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