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With the Blue Voice discussion forum, you can share ideas, suggestions and news with users or managers at your organisation, within your locality, or even with other professionals throughout the UK, all from your existing BSA training dashboard.

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Follow the steps below to access:

  • Login to your Blue Stream Academy training dashboard.
  • Use the navigation bar on the left to select 'Forum'
  • Choose your display name and icon set
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  • Ask your peers for their opinions
  • Organise a meeting or social event with your colleagues
  • Connect with professionals who have the same job role throughout the UK
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  • View Blue Stream Webinars featuring guest speakers
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Link up with hundreds of thousands of users, across GP Practice, Care, Urgent & Tailored Care, Hospices and Aesthetics Providers.


Watch live and pre-recorded streams from guest speakers and experts on clinical and none clinical topics.

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Receive updates on new features, vote on future developments and help shape the future of Blue Stream.

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Create your own hub to share information, birthdays, compliments and events.

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