Management Information System

The most advanced compliance reporting system designed for Healthcare.

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Helping you Prepare for CQC

Loved by CQCNow SCORM Compliant

Plan and measure knowledge using simple yet powerful reporting features

Organise your workforce, ensure compliance and produce effective reporting for CQC compliance.


Achieve Outstanding

Our MIS provides you with the tools to aim for an Outstanding inspection.


Championed by ICBs

Used by over 5000 organisations to ensure consistent quality training from a recognised provider.


Highly Scalable

Whether you're an individual Locum GP or a region covering 150 organisations, our system scales with you.


Record Training Evidence

Store certificates, add SCORM compatible modules and view compliance at a glance.

Industry Leading Business Intelligence


Training Matrix

Our colour coded matrix displays training information, current compliance and training knowledge gaps.


Training Dashboard

Allow staff to view the most urgent training first, when it is due and how it should be completed.


Manage Profiles

Create custom training plans for each job role, give specific training to a user and ensure all mandatory training is covered.


CQC Reporting

15 different reports at your finger tips to help any inspection run smoothly.


Demonstrate Knowledge

Various reports offer insight into your users' knowledge, show which policies have been read and compliance from a single department up to an entire region of organisations.


Shared Calendars

Book meetings, create and share agendas via our calendar system - shared between your users.

BSA Insight - high level training analysis

Evaluate and monitor how Blue Stream is used across your Group.

How it works

Our new Insight tool - powerful analytics for use across your group

Evaluate Usage

Track which organisations and job roles are getting the best from their training.

Prove Compliance

Prove compliance with mandatory and clinical eLearning through detailed and powerful reporting.

Demonstrate Knowledge

Show how knowledge has improved over time.

Identify Improvement

Use our insight tools to identify knowledge gaps, share specialism and help your workforce grow.

Direct Workforce

In an Integrated Care System knowing where skill gaps and opportunities lie is essential.

Share Documents & Policies

Share knowledge amongst your Group and ensure a common direction for policy across your team.

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