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Blue Stream Academy Customers Receive Outstanding Ratings On Their CQC Inspections

Blue Stream Academy Customers Receive Outstanding Ratings On Their CQC Inspections

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Outstanding CQC Inspections

Congratulations to the following GP Practices, users of Blue Stream Academy’s GP Practice eLearning Suite, who have attained ratings of Outstanding from their recent CQC inspections.

  • The Old Priory Surgery in Birmingham
  • Bramcote Surgery in Nottingham
  • Cheriton Bishop and Teign Valley Practice in Devon
  • Compass House Medical Centre in Devon
  • St Thomas Medical Group in Exeter
  • Winchcombe Medical Centre in Gloucestershire
  • Minchinhampton Surgery Centre in Gloucestershire
  • Boundary House Medical Centre in Cheshire
  • Radbrook Green Surgery in Shrewsbury
  • Sonning Common Health Centre in Reading
  • Deane Medical Centre in Bolton
  • Inclusion Healthcare in Leicester
  • Irlam Medical Centre in Manchester
  • Wolstanton Medical Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Hallwood Health Centre in Runcorn

Further evidence that our online training helps to ensure CQC compliance.

For further details about our eLearning Suites please contact us via email to or telephone on 01773 822549.

Join Us At Management In Practice Newcastle

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Management in Practice

Blue Stream Academy will be attending the Management in Practice event at Newcastle Racecourse on Tuesday 27th June, 2017.

This a completely free event for all Practice Managers, GPs, administrative staff, commissioners and all others involved in primary care business management.

The Management In Practice Newcastle conference is designed to deliver the latest policy/practical insights and CPD; the conference is accompanied by an exhibition of suppliers, manufacturers, charities and education organisations relevant to General Practice. It will cover all the issues that impact on the management of primary care practices, including: commissioning, legislation, IT, HR, finance, motivating staff and more.

The event will evaluate how successful Practice Managers are improving the efficiency of their practices through first-hand, peer-led case studies and it will include expert advice from industry leaders on how to address the biggest challenges facing Practice Managers today and explore the exciting opportunities on the horizon.

To book your place please contact the Management in Practice events team on 020 7214 0555 or email them at quoting BSA17.

Please visit our stand (No.7) to meet the team and learn more about our online training for GP Practices and how we can assist with CQC compliance whilst saving time and money.

To learn more, click on the image below:Management In Practice Newcastle

Deaf Awareness Week 2017

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Deaf Awareness Week 2017

Deaf Awareness Week takes place between 15th-21st May, 2017.

Promoted by the UK Council on Deafness, the week will provide the opportunity to raise awareness that 1 in 6 people in the UK are deaf or have a hearing loss as well as celebrate all of the collaborative work that has made a difference for these people.

Members of the UK Council on Deafness and others have united behind a common purpose and work is ongoing to:

  • Raise awareness.
  • Improve access to education and employment.
  • Make sure people have the information they need.
  • Inform government and the public about deafness and hearing loss.
  • Support the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness.
  • Educate people about the importance of preventing hearing loss.
  • Improve the quality of services for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

This year, Deaf Awareness Week looks at how small changes can have a big impact on people who are deaf or have hearing loss, in those areas of everyday life that matter to us all:

  • Friends and family
  • The workplace
  • Socialising
  • Accessing services
  • General communication

People will be sharing their real experiences, and we will provide helpful tips that can be shared with friends, family and colleagues, and staff in bars, restaurants, shops and other public buildings, to encourage them to become more deaf aware.

Craig Crowley, Chair of the UK Council on Deafness, said:

“This year’s Deaf Awareness Week is ‘A Celebration’ of collaboration and working together on a joint campaign for the benefit of people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.”

Below is a video created for Deaf Awareness Week 2017 to encourage as many people as possible to learn to finger spell their name:

Below if an infographic which presents some facts about deafness:

Deaf Awareness Week 2017 Infographic

Access to Healthcare

People with hearing loss often find it difficult to communicate with health professionals, and some avoid healthcare settings altogether because they expect difficulties. Even booking a GP appointment can be a challenge, and people with hearing loss often leave appointments unclear about their condition and medical instructions. In many cases, hospitals overlook their responsibility to provide communication support to those with hearing loss and fail to provide interpreters for British Sign Language (BSL) users.

Below is a poster featuring some tips on how to communicate with people who are deaf or have a hearing loss in the workplace:

Workplace Tips for Deafness

For further information, please visit the UK Council on Deafness and/or Action on Hearing Loss websites.

The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability Conference

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The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability Conference

On Thursday 18th May, 2017 we will be attending The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference at the Royal National Hotel in London.

This event is a high-level meeting, bringing together professionals and peers working within the health and social care systems and its associated partners, to continue the debate as to the future of the NHS. It presents an opportunity to explore the progress that has been made to fulfilling the The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) by 2020. The programme will feature certain aspects of the plan, reporting back on the initiatives that have been implemented and the impact they are having. A line-up of expert speakers will give delegates a realistic insight as to how the future NHS will look and operate. The conference agenda has set substantial time aside for interactive discussion, knowledge sharing and casual networking throughout the day.

Below are just some of the benefits of attending:

  • Gain an understanding of the current state of the NHS and benefit from an in-depth look at the plans contained within the 5YFV and how far they are being realised.
  • Learn the main reasons why the NHS needs to undergo further transformation and hear about the views of the national NHS leadership
  • Discover how the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) will support the local healthcare delivery and deliver further efficiencies.
  • Listen to what is being done to promote the integration agenda and how the Better Care Fund is supporting greater collaboration.
  • Discover the state of the NHS’ finances and what the hopes and fears are for the future and engage with our panel discussion.
  • Benefit from greater insight as to how will the NHS be renewed and sustained for the next few years and beyond?
  • Enjoy knowledge sharing and networking, taking advantage of the opportunity to build contacts amongst fellow delegates and speakers.
  • Gain invaluable information to be shared amongst colleagues and peers and benefit from the maximum number of 6 CPD points.

Please visit our stand (No.7) to meet the team and learn more about our online training for GP Practices, Dental Practices, Hospices, Nursing/Care Homes, Carers and Urgent Care Providers; and how they can assist with CQC compliance whilst saving time and money.

For further details including how to book your place at the conference, visit the Open Forum Events website.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

This week, between 8th and 14th May, is Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

Now in its 17th year, Mental Health Awareness Week have previously focused on how mindfulness, anxiety, sleep deprivation and exercise can impact our mental health. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Surviving or Thriving’ which has been chosen to highlight that good mental health is more than just the absence of a mental health problem and is designed to make us think about why too few of us are living with good mental health.

Too many of us accept that experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety are the price we pay to keep our lives on track.

Working hours blur into leisure time and the rise of social media changes the way we interact with friends, families and our communities.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 will provide the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate good mental health as an asset that helps us to thrive. This is not just the absence of a mental health problem, but having the ability to think, feel and act in a way that allows us to enjoy life and deal with its challenges.

The Mental Health Foundation will be using the week to look at:

  • How many of us are surviving or thriving, and the difference between the two.
  • Why some communities are under strain and what government can do to support them to thrive.
  • What steps we can take to look after our mental health, building resilience to cope with the demands of life.
  • Why don’t you also get involved? Mental Health Awareness week is a great opportunity to get people talking about mental health.

Physically, as a society we’re becoming healthier; the same cannot be said about the health of our minds. By 2030 depression will be the leading cause of illness globally.

Below is an animation which explores how we can move from surviving to thriving…

For further information, please visit the Mental Health Foundation website.

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands

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Hand Hygiene Day

Today is Hand Hygiene Day 2017 and in support of the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s fight with antibiotic resistance, we have released a new Hand Hygiene module which has been added to all of our eLearning Suites and is available now.

Topics in this module include:

  • reasons why people do not follow good hand hygiene practices
  • examples of areas where there are high levels of germs
  • the meaning of ‘Point of Care’
  • definition of the ‘Five Moments of Hand Hygiene’
  • examples of when the ‘Five Moments of Hand Hygiene’ are applicable
  • when soap and water and hand rub should be used
  • how to wash the hands correctly
  • know how to use hand rub correctly
  • which areas of the hands are often missed
  • good skincare practice.
    • Hand Hygiene eLearning Module

      For further information, contact us here, email us at or call 01773 822549

      Each year the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign aims to progress the goal of maintaining a global profile on the importance of hand hygiene in health care and to ‘bring people together’ in support of hand hygiene improvement globally.

      “Hand hygiene is at the core of effective Infection Prevention Control (IPC) to combat antibiotic resistance, and campaigning each year on or around 5th May is one important part of improving behaviour towards IPC best practices. This year the campaign materials are all co-branded with ‘Antibiotics, handle with care’ to demonstrate unity between antimicrobial resistance and IPC efforts.”

      WHO, 2017

      Here are some statistic about Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

      • HAIs, including surgical site infections (SSIs) and device (line) associated infections, occur worldwide, affecting hundreds of millions of patients annually. The rate of transmission in the health care setting has led to increases in avoidable infections, which can
        lead to death if not treated.
      • Around 5 million infections occur annually in European hospitals, representing an extra 25 million days in hospital and an economic burden of €13–24 billion.
      • Approximately 70% of health care workers do not routinely practise hand hygiene, with health workers reporting misunderstandings about the relevance and importance of hand hygiene in everyday clinical practice.
      • Evidence suggests that as little as 50% of surgical teams comply with hand hygiene best practice throughout a surgical patient’s hospital stay.
      • SSIs are the most frequent type of infection in low-and middle-income countries, with a pooled incidence of 11.8%, compared to 1.2-5.2% in developed countries.

      “Health care-associated infection is such a big problem, we need to focus the world on something that is truly actionable and can save many, many lives. This action is hand hygiene, a flagship element of WHO’s patient safety work.”

      Dr Edward Kelley, Director, Service Delivery and Safety, WHO

      SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Poster

      More information on the WHO’s calls to action is available here:

      Below is a new WHO instructional video explains the evidence-based core components of infection prevention and control programmes, critical at both the national and acute health care facility level for patient safety and for health systems to provide quality care.

      Here is a link to document that provides evidence of hand hygiene as the building block for infection prevention and control:

      Ensure that you receive the latest news, updates and announcements from Blue Stream Academy by subscribing to our mailing lists here.

    Blue Stream Academy Customers Receive Outstanding Ratings On Their CQC Inspections

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    Outstanding CQC Inspections

    Congratulations to the following GP Practices, users of Blue Stream Academy’s GP Practice eLearning Suite, who have attained ratings of Outstanding from their recent CQC inspections.

    • Court Thorn Surgery in Carlisle
    • Schopwick Surgery in Hertfordshire
    • Cape Hill Medical Centre in Smethwick
    • Hannage Brook Medical Centre in Matlock
    • Arden Medical Centre in Solihull
    • Hilltop Heights in Cumbria
    • Wigton Group Medical Practice in Cumbria
    • Whitehaven Medical Centre in Cumbria
    • Waterloo House Surgery in Cumbria
    • Distington Surgery in Cumbria
    • Worthing Medical Group in West Sussex
    • Beacon Primary Care in Skelmersdale
    • Kings Road Medical Centre in London
    • St Andrews Health Centre in London

    Further evidence that our online training helps to ensure CQC compliance.

    For further details about our eLearning Suites please contact us via email to or telephone on 01773 822549.

    World Immunization Week 2017

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    World Immunization Week 2017

    World Immunization Week 2017, a global public health campaign to raise awareness and increase rates of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world, takes place between 24th-30th April.

    The theme this year is #VaccinesWork.

    Immunization can protect against 25 different infectious agents or diseases, from infancy to old age, including diphtheria, measles, pertussis, polio and tetanus. They avert an estimated 2 to 3 million deaths every year from diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), and measles; however, an additional 1.5 million deaths could be avoided if global vaccination coverage improves according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Global vaccination coverage, the proportion of the world’s children who receive recommended vaccines, has remained steady for the past few years.

    During 2015, about 86% (116 million) of infants worldwide received 3 doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) vaccine, protecting them against infectious diseases that can cause serious illness and disability or be fatal. By 2015, 126 countries had reached at least 90% coverage of DTP3 vaccine. However 22.6 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines, mostly in developing countries. Inadequate immunization coverage rates often result from limited resources, competing health priorities, poor management of health systems and inadequate surveillance.

    The World Health Organization is working with countries and partners to improve global vaccination coverage, including through these initiatives adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2012.

    For more information, please click here: World Immunization Week 2017

    World Immunization Week 2017

    Blue Stream Academy Support Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser

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    Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundraising

    Blue Stream Academy are proud to sponsor Mick Smith, IT Manager at the Fordingbridge Surgery in Hampshire as he raises money for Pancreatic Cancer running in by Ultra Marathons around the UK.

    In the past he has competed in such events as the Meon Valley Marathon, Bournemouth Marathon, West New Forest 50 Mile Challenge, New Forest Running Festival 75km, Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50km and Dorset Invader Marathon.

    His most recent endeavour has seen Mick attempt to tackle the Millennium Way Ultra marathon on 5th March, 2017; a 41 mile course in the heart of England that follows the beautiful Millennium Way National Trail across the entire width of Staffordshire County, which was created 17 years ago to celebrate the millennium.

    Below is a short blog of his gruelling efforts:

    Well I’m feeling pretty battered after Sunday’s run; the weather conditions were pretty bad even with a bit of snow chucked in.

    250 runners set off from Newport in the west of Staffordshire at 08:00 and started running east along the Millennium Way National Trail. The first 11 miles was supposed to be the better part of the route, but it soon became obvious that the whole trail was flooded in varying degrees of severity.

    Checkpoint 1 arrived just West of Stafford, shortly followed by two detours because the route was so flooded.

    At around mile 16, whilst running along the canal path which was ankle deep in mud, I slipped and fell pretty heavily flat on my side. After recovering from that and pushing on I started getting pains in my hip, knee and ankle which I can only put this down to the fall.

    Unfortunately as I pushed on past checkpoint 2 at 21 miles, the pain was getting worse. At this point I was down to a painful walk which was made worse with every step slipping and sliding in the mud.

    At mile 24 the canal path met the town of Rugeley and I knew I couldn’t and should go on as this next bit of the route was across fields for about 7 miles. I spotted a supermarket car park backing on to the canal so I exited from the route to find safe shelter. Unfortunately because of the organisation of the event there was no real recovery of participants who drop out in-between check points so I was very glad that my wife was 30 minutes away and was able to pick me up.

    So not quite the result I expecting, but out of the 250 participants that signed up only 145 finished, so I guess this is an indication of how tough the conditions were.

    The first 24 hours after not completing an event like this is a very dark place and intense feelings of failure. But that is soon replaced with the determination I now have, literally to pick myself up, dust off the mud and move on to the next challenge in a positive way. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …I’m still alive!

    Coming up Mick is entering the Isle of Wight Challenge on 30th April, 2017; a arduous 67 mile course where he will be raising money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

    The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is the national charity dedicated exclusively to supporting research to improve diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

    Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund has three main objectives:

    • To raise funds for research into early detection, new treatments and ultimately a cure for pancreatic cancer.
    • To encourage more of the research community to get involved in pancreatic cancer research.
    • To promote the need for more research funding by the major cancer research funding organisations.

    To date, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund has supported 40 research projects with grants totalling £6.2 million – all through fundraising and donations.

    Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund was founded in April 2004 by Maggie Blanks, following the death of her husband Alan from the disease in May 2003. Having discovered that survival rates for pancreatic cancer had barely improved in forty years and that little research was being undertaken, she was determined to encourage more research that was targeted specifically at the disease. She felt the best way to do this was through a charity which would not only raise new funds for research but also be a voice for pancreatic cancer sufferers and argue for a fair allocation of research funding and attention.

    You can donate via Mick’s Just Giving page and help him meet his target of raising £4,000 for a very worthy cause.

    Mick Smith Ultra Marathons

    Easter Twitter Giveaway

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    Easter Twitter Giveaway 2017

    This Easter, Blue Stream Academy are giving away a hamper full of treats on Twitter!

    The contents of the Easter hamper include:

    • Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg
    • Nestle Rolo Easter Egg
    • Smarties Easter Egg
    • Cadbury Mini Eggs
    • 30 Yellow Blend Summer Flowering Bulbs
    • Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny
    • 2 Bottles of Bottega Gold Prosecco
    • Maltester Milk Chocolate Bunnies

    Blue Stream Acacademy Easter Twitter Giveaway 2017

    This competition is open to both new and existing followers and all you need to do to enter is retweet the tweet below any time between the 11th and 12th of April, 2017:


    Blue Stream Acacademy Easter Twitter Giveaway 2017 Hamper

    Read More

    World Health Day 2017

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    World Health Day 2017

    Today is World Health Day 2017, a global health awareness day celebrated every year under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    World Health Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization and provides a unique opportunity to mobilize action around a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

    The theme of the World Health Day 2017 campaign is depression.

    Depression affects people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all countries. It causes mental anguish and impacts on people’s ability to carry out even the simplest everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends and the ability to earn a living. At worst, depression can lead to suicide, now the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds.

    Yet, depression can be prevented and treated. A better understanding of what depression is, and how it can be prevented and treated, will help reduce the stigma associated with the condition, and lead to more people seeking help.

    At the core of the campaign is the importance of talking about depression as a vital component of recovery. The stigma surrounding mental illness, including depression, remains a barrier to people seeking help throughout the world. Talking about depression, whether with a family member, friend or medical professional; in larger groups, for example in schools, the workplace and social settings; or in the public domain, in the news media, blogs or social media, helps break down this stigma, ultimately leading to more people seeking help.

    Below are some statistics about depression:

    • Common mental disorders are increasing worldwide. Between 1990 and 2013, the number of people suffering from depression and/or anxiety increased by nearly 50%. Close to 10% of the world’s population is affected by one or both of these conditions. Depression alone accounts for 10% of years lived with disability globally.
    • In humanitarian emergencies and ongoing conflict, as many as 1 in 5 people are affected by depression and anxiety.
    • Depression increases the risk of other noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease increase the risk of depression.
    • Depression in women following childbirth can affect the development of new-borns.
    • In many countries of the world, there is no, or very little, support available for people with mental health disorders. Even in high-income countries, nearly 50% of people with depression do not get treatment.
    • Lack of treatment for common mental disorders has a high economic cost: new evidence from a study led by WHO shows that depression and anxiety disorders alone cost more than a trillion dollars’ worth of economic loss every year.
    • The most common mental health disorders can be prevented and treated, at relatively low cost.

    Here is a video that focuses depression amongst adolescents and young adults.

    Here is a video that focuses depression amongst women with young babies. Depression after childbirth is common; it causes mental anguish and can prevent people from being able to carry out family responsibilities fully.

    Here is a video that focuses depression amongst older people, which is common but often overlooked; loneliness and loss of independence are among the causes.

    There is an urgent need for increased investment. Studies from the World Health Organisation state that even in high-income countries, nearly 50% of people with depression do not get treated and budgets are appalling; varying from less than 1% in low-income countries, to 5% in high income countries. On a positive, NHS England has committed to investing £1bn extra a year in mental health services by 2020-21.

    Handouts are available from the World Health Organisation website that provide general information on the characteristics of depression and how depression can be prevented and treated. They are intended for people who are living with depression themselves or who know someone who is; they include practical advice on what to do.

    Mental Health Helplines and Websites

    The NHS Choices website which contains links to websites and helplines that offer expert helps, guidance and advise on mental health and depression:

    World Health Day 2017 Depression

    London’s First Outstanding GP Practice In All CQC Categories

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    Outstanding CQC Inspections

    Blue Stream Academy customer Elliott Hall Medical Centre in Hatch End, Pinner, North London has been announced as the first in London to be rated as Outstanding in all areas by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    The GP Practice situated in Uxbridge Road, in the London Borough of Harrow and who look after more than 11,000 patients, was rated Outstanding overall and for being safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

    Elliott Hall Medical Centre Pinner

    The inspection was undertaken by CQC inspectors in November, 2016 who found evidence of outstanding practice in several areas, including:

    • There was an holistic approach to assessing, planning and delivering care and treatment. The Supportive Care Register enabled patients to have choice and make decisions about their care.
    • The practice had a very proactive and engaged Patients’ Association which gave support to patients and reduced social isolation through carers’ groups, home visiting and bereavement support services.
    • A patient transport service helped patients unable to use public transport with access to the practice.

    The CQC Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice, Ursula Gallagher, commended Elliott Hall Medical Centre, saying:

    “There was a strong, open and embedded culture at the practice in respect of patient safety. The partners led an innovative and committed team, and promoted a strong inclusive culture with a focus on continuous quality improvement. They encouraged effective communication within the team and demonstrated a comprehensive meeting structure which included daily clinical and non-clinical meetings to enhance their formal operational and governance frameworks. Feedback from patients about their care was consistently positive. Data from the national GP patient survey showed patients rated the practice higher than others for almost all aspects of care.”

    Dr Chris Jenner, senior partner at Elliott Hall Medical Centre, said he was proud to receive an Outstanding rating:

    “We welcome the report published by CQC on Tuesday and its vote of confidence in our practice. For all of the team at Elliott Hall Medical Centre, it represents an endorsement in what we do every day; serving our patients; protecting their best interests and aiming to deliver the very best care. The partners couldn’t be prouder of the team at Elliott Hall, our patients and wonderful the Patients’ Association who continue to support us in every way possible.”

    Further evidence that our online training helps to ensure CQC compliance.

    For further details about our eLearning Suites please contact us via email to or telephone on 01773 822549.

    Blue Stream Academy are Raising Money for Comic Relief

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    Blue Stream Academy Red Nose Day 2017

    Red Nose Day is only a few days away – Friday 24th March – and Blue Stream Academy are getting involved to help raise money for some incredible projects in the UK and Africa, that have found effective ways to tackle poverty and injustice.

    This year on Red Nose Day there are 5 issues that Comic Relief are specifically focusing on:

    • Immunisation
    • Mental Health
    • Vulnerable Young People
    • Domestic Violence
    • Fighting Malaria

    Fundraising for Red Nose Day is a fun, easy way to support a wide range of life-changing projects, both here in the UK and across Africa.

    Blue Stream Academy Red Nose Day 2017 Staff Fundraising

    So along with some fun activities which the staff will doing in the office, Blue Stream Academy will…

    • Donate £20 for each new customer who signs up on Red Nose Day!
    • Donate £1 for each new follower on Twitter!

    So follow us on Twitter (@BlueStreamNews) or contact us to sign up if you’re not already registered this Friday and help us contribute to a very worthy cause.

    Blue Stream Academy Red Nose Day 2017 Fundraising

    Terms and Conditions

    Read More

    Goodies and Giveaways at Pulse LIVE London 2017

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    Pulse LIVE London 2017 Goodies and Giveaway

    Blue Stream Academy are heading to the Pulse LIVE Exhibition at the London Olympia on the 21st and 22nd of March to meet with GPs and Practice Managers from across the country.

    We’ll be there to introduce you to our eLearning Suite which has been specifically designed with the help of relevant subject matter experts to fulfill your educational and professional requirements, as well as assisting with regulatory compliance.

    By coming to this event, you can earn up to 12 CPD hours and hear from expert speakers and as a bonus we will be hiding Mr Pose somewhere in the room; if you take a snap of him and pop him on social media with the #findmrpose you can win a bottle of bubbly.

    Blue Stream Academy Mr Pose Champagne

    To view the full program and/or to register for this free event please visit the Pulse LIVE website here:

    If you are an existing customer visiting us at this event there are benefits for you too as you get an exclusive ‘Gold Mr. Pose Goody Bag’ with fantastic executive gifts inside.

    We will be on stand 63 at the event and look forward to meeting you all, please come and say hi!

    Join Us At Pulse LIVE London

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    Pulse Live 2017

    Blue Stream Academy will be attending the Pulse LIVE Exhibition at the London Olympia on 21st-22nd March, 2017.

    Designed solely to meet the education and networking needs of grassroots GPs, delivered by nationally renowned experts at the forefront of clinical practice, research and policy development, Pulse LIVE London is the’one stop shop’ for professional and clinical CPD.

    Whether you are a GP trainee, sessional GP or senior partner, the extensive agenda of 7 concurrent sessions will allow you to design your own programme to meet your individual learning needs.

    The programme is available to view here and includes seminars on the following themes:

    Your Practice: As details emerge regarding the General Practice Forward View, STPs and developing the GP workforce, this stream will focus on your professional development and that of your practice.

    Your Patients: Focusing on implications from the latest NICE guidance, new treatment options and perennially challenging conditions, this stream will feature fast paced, bite-size updates on a range of clinical areas.

    Your Skills: These longer sessions will use group work, quizzes and case based learning to focus in more depth on a clinical area. With limited capacity, you will have the chance to put your questions to the experts.

    Attending the event will give you access to a range of experts from across the NHS and public health sector, whilst also giving you the chance to meet with companies like us! Please visit our stand (63) to meet the team and learn more about our online training for GP Practices, Dental Practices, Hospices, Nursing/Care Homes, Carers and Urgent Care Providers; and how they can assist with CQC compliance whilst saving time and money.

    Pulse Live Exhibition

    New Health Navigation Module Launched

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    Health Navigation eLearning Module

    Blue Stream Academy have launched a new Health Navigation module to our GP Practice, Dental Practice, Urgent Care, Hospice and Nursing/Care Homes eLearning suites.

    General practice is widely perceived to be in crisis and GPs’ workloads to be unsustainable. Rising demand, changing patterns of work by GPs and a fall in the proportion of funds allocated to general practice in England have fed into this picture.

    Not every patient seen by a GP needs the expertise of a doctor. Many could be seen by other professionals or in other services or have their health issues resolved through high quality and timely self-care advice.

    The GP Forward View supports the training of reception and clerical staff to play a greater role in navigation of patients and handling clinical paperwork to free up GP time.

    The benefits for patients are: improved appointment availability, reduced low value consultations and onward referrals and shorter waiting time to get to see the most appropriate person.

    The benefits for the Practice are: the freeing of GP time, more appropriate use of each team member’s skills and reduced internal referrals.

    To help support this initiative Blue Stream Academy has launched Health Navigation – Level 1 which looks at; An Introduction to Health Navigation, The Role of a Health Navigator, Effective Patient Engagement, The Service Directory and Recognising Red Flags.

    For further information, email us at or call 01773 822549

    Ensure that you receive the latest news, updates and announcements from Blue Stream Academy by subscribing to our mailing lists here.

    Health Navigation eLearning Module

    New Recruitment Module Launched

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    Recruitment eLearning Module

    Blue Stream Academy have launched a new Recruitment module to our GP Practice, Dental Practice, Urgent Care, Hospice and Nursing/Care Homes eLearning suites.

    Employing the right person for your organisation is a very important task as an effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. These processes match up the right person with the right job skills. Interviews and background checks ensure that you employ a candidate who is reliable and carries out the objectives you planned for providing quality services and goods to your customers.

    When an organisation effectively recruits and selects the right employee, there is a domino effect:

    • the new employee will do his/her job well
    • existing employees will see that wise decisions are made
    • the employer will gain respect from the workforce
    • higher productivity will follow as a result of that respect.

    This effect will positively affect the quality of services and patient experience.

    Blue Stream Academy Ltd are pleased to announce the inclusion of their Recruitment eLearning module into the eLearning suite to help ensure that those recruiting make good decisions and build a strong team to benefit their organisation and those who depend on it.

    For further information, email us at or call 01773 822549

    Ensure that you receive the latest news, updates and announcements from Blue Stream Academy by subscribing to our mailing lists here.

    Recruitment eLearning Module

    New Performance Management Module Launched

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    Performance Management

    Blue Stream Academy have launched a new Performance Management module to our GP Practice, Dental Practice, Urgent Care, Hospice and Nursing/Care Homes eLearning suites.

    Many organisations are guilty of treating performance management as a yearly event. A talented and skilled workforce are their lifeblood and research shows that those with an ongoing focus on performance management have better results. Organisations where employees revise or review their goals quarterly or more frequently are more likely to retain staff, improve job satisfaction and thus improve patient experience and keep costs down.

    Performance appraisals and assessments are just one piece of the talent management puzzle. In order to build an empowered and skilled workforce, you need do more than audit employee achievements. Working towards a management cycle where judgement isn’t the sole focus and ongoing support and improvement are as, if not more important will give great benefit.

    Blue Stream Academy Ltd are pleased to announce the inclusion of their Performance Management eLearning module to help ensure that the valuable asset of staff is nurtured and encouraged to the benefit of all.

    For further information, email us at or call 01773 822549

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    Performance Management eLearning Module

    Join Us At Commissioning LIVE London

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    Commissioning Live London

    Blue Stream Academy will be attending the Commissioning Live Exhibition at the London Olympia on 2nd March, 2017.

    Brought to you by The Commissioning Review, Pulse, Management in Practice and Nursing in Practice, Commissioning LIVE is a highly informative event that discusses commissioning in primary care.

    Whether you work in finance, general practice, pharmacy, contract management or IT, keeping up to date with the latest guidance and best practice within commissioning is critical to ensure that you continue to push the boundaries and find new, innovative ways to address the changing needs of patients.

    Commissioning LIVE London 2017 will bring together healthcare professionals from across the country to share case studies on how taking a novel approach to particular pathways has improved outcomes for their population. As the government continues to unveil more and more of their vision for the health economy, the event will look at how you can keep up with your obligations, improve working processes and develop productive relationships in order to open new avenues for funding, service transformation and clinical leadership.

    Commissioning LIVE is the event to attend if you are a commissioner, GP, medicines management professional, nurse, community practitioner, pharmacist, secondary care staff or practice manager wishing to understand how the work of commissioning groups will affect your work and how you can make a difference to your local population. The programme has been developed with each of you in mind, ensuring you will leave with ideas, and your questions answered to enhance you in your own work.

    Why should you attend?

    • You are certain to find the answer to some of your burning questions in the six specific seminar streams.
    • You will leave with a better understanding of the recent developments being made in CCGs that directly affect you.
    • You can listen to case studies highlighting how small changes and better working between different teams can make a huge different to the outcomes for your local population.
    • You will have the chance to hear from and question expert speakers who face the same challenges you do.
    • You can gain a better understanding of how to get involved in commissioning and driving standards in your area.
    • You will be able to share experiences with peers, colleagues, providers and innovators from across the UK on improving standards of care and efficiency.
    • You can earn between 5 and 6 hours towards your CPD subject to the event specific programme you register for.

    Commissioning LIVE London will this year be tackling the topic of Sustainability Transformation Plans (STPs) and what these initiatives will mean for you and the future of your health economy. The speaker panel will be discussing the why, how, when and who of STPs using case studies, panel discussions, and debates to provide you with clarity, professional insight and reassurance.
    Attending the event will give you the best access to a range of experts from across the NHS and public health sector, whilst also giving you the chance to meet with companies like us! Please visit our stand (35) to meet the team and learn more about our online training for GP Practices, Dental Practices, Hospices, Nursing/Care Homes, Carers and Urgent Care Providers; and how they can assist with CQC compliance whilst saving time and money.

    To book your complimentary ticket contact the Commissioning LIVE events team on 0207 214 0555 or email quoting “BLUE17”.

    Blue Stream Academy Exhibition

    Safer Internet Day 2017

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    Safer Internet Day 2017

    Today is Safer Internet Day 2017! A day that offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community.

    Young people across the UK are joining Government ministers, celebrities, industry figures, schools and police services to inspire people to ‘Be the Change’ and unite for a better internet today. A new study commissioned by official organisers of the day, the UK Safer Internet Centre, explores the power and influence of images and videos in digital youth culture, highlighting the positives and potential risks, as well as identifying the key skills young people need to navigate today’s online world.

    Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Over 1,600 organisations are supporting the day, including former Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle, the BBC, BT, Sky, O2, Vodafone, Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google, NSPCC, Premier League football clubs and the UK Government, as well as police services, charities and schools across the UK, who are all coming together to deliver a range of inspiring activities. They’ll be joining hundreds of individuals supporting the #SID2017 social media campaign to inspire positive action, which is set to reach over 7.5 million with a mass tweet at 8.30am today.

    Power of Image

    New research launched to mark Safer Internet Day reveals that images and video play a central role in young people’s digital lives and are powerful tools of communication, self-expression and creativity. The majority (84%) of 8-17-year-olds have shared a photo online, rising from 73% of 8-12-year-olds to 95% of 13-17-year-olds. In the last hour, 1 in 8 young people (12%) surveyed said they had shared a selfie, almost 1 in 3 had used YouTube (31%), 1 in 4 had used Snapchat (25%), and more than 1 in 5 had used Instagram (22%).

    Encouragingly, young people are using the power of image to make a difference: 4 in 5 young people (80%) said that in the last year they have felt inspired by an image or video online to do something positive. Furthermore, two thirds (67%) have posted an image or video on the internet for a variety of positive reasons, including to support friends (40%); to share something interesting with others (31%); and to encourage others to do something positive (17%).

    However, while many of their experiences were positive, many young people are having negative experiences online:

    • Almost 2 in 5 (38%) have received negative comments on a photo they have posted; this can have a real impact on young people’s expression, as 2 in 5 (40%) said that they sometimes don’t post images because of worries about mean comments.
    • More than 1 in 5 (22%) of 8-17s said that someone has posted an image or video to bully them.
    • 70% of 8-17s said they have seen images and videos not suitable for their age in the last year.
    • Almost half (45%) of 13-17-year-olds have seen nude or nearly nude photos of someone they know being shared around their school or local community.

    Magnified pressures

    Our image-focused digital culture can mean young people face pressures, including body image concerns. According to the study, on average young people take 12 selfies before they are happy to post one online and 43% said they worry about how attractive they look when they share photos online. Furthermore, 45% have used a filter in the last year to make themselves look better. In particular, the study identified these trends mostly amongst 13-17 year old girls: almost two-thirds (61%) of them worry about how attractive they look when sharing photos online and nearly half (47%) of them have felt sad about their appearance after seeing a particular image or video online.

    Risky behaviour

    The study also highlighted the need for young people to better understand privacy controls when sharing images and videos. Over half (56%) of young people aged 8-17 years said they have shared images or videos on a public social media profile, with almost a third (31%) saying that most of the photos they share are on a public profile that can be seen by anyone.

    Whilst just over half (51%) said they always think about what personal information they could be sharing before they post a photo or video online, nearly a third (30%) of 8-17 year olds have shared a photo they wouldn’t want their parents or carers to see. Almost a quarter (23%) said they don’t know how to control who can see what they post on social media sites.

    More worryingly, the majority of young people have shared an image or video with a stranger: 65% of 8-17-year-olds have shared images or videos directly with people they only know online, with more than a quarter (27%) saying they have done so in the last day. Despite this, nearly 2 in 5 (38%) say they worry about losing control of an image they have shared online.

    The research also emphasised the importance of developing young people’s critical thinking skills when using the internet. Although the findings revealed nearly three quarters (70%) of young people surveyed agree that images and videos can be misleading and don’t always tell the full story, 48% said they are more likely to trust something has happened if they see an image or video of it.

    Will Gardner, a Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre and CEO of Childnet, said about the day:

    “It is fair to say that in 2017 the internet is powered by images and videos. This can magnify the risks and pressures that young people face, while also offering fun new opportunities for self-expression and creativity. Today’s findings remind us that with an ever-changing landscape, it is more important than ever to equip young people with the skills, knowledge, confidence and resilience to communicate using images and videos responsibly and positively. This Safer Internet Day young people around the UK are uniting to inspire a better internet. We need to harness this enthusiasm and empower them to ‘Be the Change’ and use the power of image to help create a better internet.”

    Minister for Online Safety, Tracey Crouch, said:

    “The internet has provided young people with some amazing opportunities, but one of our top priorities is protecting them from risks they might face online. The UK is a world leader in internet safety, and measures in our Digital Economy Bill will be instrumental in better protecting children from harmful content. But there is still more to do, and Safer Internet Day is a fantastic reminder that we all have a part to play in making the online world a safer place for our children to discover, explore and enjoy.”

    Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, Edward Timpson, said:

    “The internet is a powerful tool that gives children and young people many fantastic opportunities – but protecting them from the risks they might face online or on their phones remains absolutely vital. That’s why I’m pleased to be able to support Safer Internet Day again this year, and look forward to hearing how schools and pupils take part. At the Department for Education, we’re continuing to work hard to make sure that young people, parents and teachers, are actively involved in promoting safe online practice, and we’ve been providing training and resources to support teachers in delivering the new curriculum, which includes e-safety.”

    Below is an infographic which highlights the power images have:

    Safer Internet Day 2017 Infographic

    To learn more, including how you can show your support, please visit the campaign website here:

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