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Mental Health

Blue Stream Academy Ltd. are pleased to announce the release of our new ‘Mental Health Awareness’ module. This module will be added to our GP, Dental, Nursing and Care Home, Hospice and Urgent Care eLearning suites.

Good mental health means being able to; live and work productively, feel and express a range of emotions, form and maintain relationships, have confidence and positive self-esteem, engage with surroundings and adapt and cope with change or uncertainty.

Mental health problems can affect how a person thinks, feels, functions, behaves and interacts with others on a daily basis.

Having an understanding of mental health problems and providing information and access to help and support, are ways that can help to reduce mental health risks at an earlier stage.

Our ‘Mental Health Awareness’ module covers topics including:

  • The importance of good mental health.
  • Some of the contributing factors to mental health problems.
  • What mental health problems are, the stigma and stereotypes that surround them and some common misconceptions.
  • The different types of mental health disorders and the effects that these can have.
  • What affects mental health.
  • The practical support that can be offered to people.

For any further information or if you require any help, please contact us via email or telephone 01773 822549.

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