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Health Navigation eLearning Module

Blue Stream Academy have launched a new Health Navigation module to our GP Practice, Dental Practice, Urgent Care, Hospice and Nursing/Care Homes eLearning suites.

General practice is widely perceived to be in crisis and GPs’ workloads to be unsustainable. Rising demand, changing patterns of work by GPs and a fall in the proportion of funds allocated to general practice in England have fed into this picture.

Not every patient seen by a GP needs the expertise of a doctor. Many could be seen by other professionals or in other services or have their health issues resolved through high quality and timely self-care advice.

The GP Forward View supports the training of reception and clerical staff to play a greater role in navigation of patients and handling clinical paperwork to free up GP time.

The benefits for patients are: improved appointment availability, reduced low value consultations and onward referrals and shorter waiting time to get to see the most appropriate person.

The benefits for the Practice are: the freeing of GP time, more appropriate use of each team member’s skills and reduced internal referrals.

To help support this initiative Blue Stream Academy has launched Health Navigation – Level 1 which looks at; An Introduction to Health Navigation, The Role of a Health Navigator, Effective Patient Engagement, The Service Directory and Recognising Red Flags.

For further information, email us at or call 01773 822549

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Health Navigation eLearning Module


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AdminMarch 15, 2017 at 10:00 am

I would be interested in the more detailed indication of the contents of Level 1 and whether there are further levels and if so what is the content.

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