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Blue Stream Academy are pleased to announce the launch of their Adult Malnutrition module to their GP Practice, Dental Practice, Nursing/Care Homes, Urgent Care and Hospice eLearning suites.

Malnutrition, in terms of undernourishment, is both a cause and consequence of disease in adults and children. It is common and affects over 3 million people in the UK with associated health costs exceeding £13 billion annually. It is often unrecognised and therefore untreated, yet it has a substantial impact on health and disease in all community care settings and hospitals.

The benefits of improving nutritional care and providing adequate and appropriate hydration are immense, especially for those with long term conditions and problems such as stroke, pressure ulcers or falls. The evidence shows clearly that if nutritional needs are ignored health outcomes are worse and meta-analyses of trials suggest that provision of nutritional supplements to malnourished patients reduces complications such as infections and wound breakdown by 70% and mortality by 40%.

Better nutrition and hydration care for individuals at risk can result in substantial cost savings to the NHS with even a saving of only 1% of the annual health care cost of ‘malnutrition’, amounting to £130 million annually. Recent guidance from the NICE (NICE CG32 and NICE standard 24) identifies better nutritional care as a large potential source of cost savings to the NHS and CCGs should use the NICE data to calculate potential cost savings for their local Trusts.

Blue Stream Academy has collaborated with Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG to develop the Adult Malnutrition eLearning module, its aim is to raise awareness in successfully identifying malnutrition, considering holistic intervention and implementing a treatment plan to help patients achieve a realistic treatment goal.

To enquire about our eLearning suites please email or call 01773 822549.

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