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About Us

Riverside Business Centre

We have developed a suite of interactive training modules which are easy to use, in line with CQC Outcomes, cost effective and providing proof of competency for GP Practices, Dental Practices, Nursing/Care Homes, Hospices, Urgent Care and Carers.

Join the 175,000+ users of our software and sign up today!

All of our eLearning modules are RCGP accredited and CPD certified, providing more than 70 hours of training ✔

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team have extensive experience in the provision of eLearning across both the public and private sector and will do whatever we can to ensure that you make the most out of our system and your experience of online training.

You can also meet many of our team members at various exhibitions and conferences that we attend throughout the year.

Ross Cowlishaw - Managing Director

Ross Cowlishaw

Managing Director

Stuart - CISO and Website Manager

Stuart Walsh

Website Manager and CISO

Sian - Office Manager

Sian Ratcliffe

Office and HR Manager

Alex - Software Developer

Alex Hopkinson

eLearning Developer

Jo - Hospice and Urgent Care Suite Manager

Jo Eastwick

Hospice and Urgent Care Suites Manager

Terry - Senior Software Developer

Terry Godwin

IT Manager

Abi - Events and Media Manager

Abi Bowler

Events and Media Manager

Sharon - Business Retention Manager

Sharon Marchant

Retention Manager

Emily L - Graphic Designer

Emily Lymer

Graphic Designer

Katie T - Content Developer

Katie Tennant

Content Developer

Lewis M - Software Developer

Lewis Morley

eLearning Developer

Lewis Cowlishaw

Lewis Cowlishaw

Content Development Manager

Emily M - National Trainer

Emily Mackrell

National Trainer

Jade Smith

Jade Smith

Content Developer

Natalie P - GP Suite Manager

Natalie Poyner

Head of Sales

Craig G - Senior Graphic Designer

Craig Goodall

Senior Graphic Designer

Marcus Millington

Marcus Millington

Software Development Manager

Meredith - Dental and Pharmacy Suite Manager

Meredith Townsend

Administrative Assistant

John - Apprentice Software Developer

John Warren

Apprentice Software Developer

Courteney - Graphic Designer

Courteney Barlow-Ferguson

Graphic Designer

Natalie L - Administrative Assistant

Natalie Lofthouse

GP Practice Suite Manager

Craig - Senior Software Developer

Craig Aldred

Senior Software Developer

Ellie - Customer Support Representative

Ellie Stanton

Administrative Assistant

Abbie - Customer Support Representative

Abbie Scattergood

Nursing and Care Home Suite Manager

Natalie W - Administrative Assistant

Natalie Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Keely - Content Developer

Keely Jennings

Content Developer

Rob - Content Developer

Rob Bown

Content Developer

Jordan - Software Developer

Jordan Hall

Software Developer