11/24/2021 3:14:18 PM

Blue Voice Discussion Forum - Now Live!

Blue Stream Academy
Have your say with BSA!
Here at Blue Stream Academy, we believe that all good things should be shared. With the new Blue Voice discussion forum, over a quarter of a million trainees can discuss ideas and issues with colleagues at their own organisation, within their locality, or even with their peers throughout the UK - all from their existing Blue Stream Academy training dashboard!
Connect with like-minded professionals, and convert possibilities into opportunities.
Share ideas, discuss opportunities, and delve into a network of like-minded professionals - with Blue Voice, the possibilities are endless!
Consult with industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at the touch of a button.
Blue Voice hosts over 120 clinical and non-clinical learning discussion boards, empowering trainees with the ability to initiate additional learning and discussions, with no additional subscriptions or setup required.
Blue Voice is a discussion forum like no other - share your expertise and experience with an online community of over a quarter of a million health and care colleagues, all from a trusted ISO27001 certified platform.
For more information on any of the Blue Stream Academy eLearning suites or the Blue Voice Discussion Forum, speak to a member of the team on info@bluestreamacademy.com or on 01773 822549.

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