11/09/2023 15:22:38

Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) | Approved eLearning

Blue Stream Academy

We're now a Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) approved supplier!

Blue Stream Academy (BSA) is pleased to announce that it has been hand-selected by the care procurement specialists Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) as an approved Learning Management System (LMS) and HR service supplier.
Who are HQP?
Established in 2014, HQP is a not-for-profit care procurement specialist, founded by Hospices for Hospices. As a membership organisation, HQP sources best-in-class supplier partners that deliver real value and efficiencies to Hospices and Care organisations.
What does this mean to me?
What this means for BSA users who are HQP members:
If you’re a BSA customer and HQP member, you’re eligible to receive a 5% discount on your BSA subscription renewal! You don’t need to do a thing, just sit back and our renewals team will automatically apply your discount upon renewal.
What this means for BSA users who aren’t HQP members yet:
Not a HQP member? As a valued BSA customer, we’re pleased to offer a 20% discount on every 1-year HQP membership when you register through ourselves. Get in touch with Team BSA for more information!
What are the benefits of joining HQP?
  • Access to exclusive supplier pricing and agreements with the ability to save £15,000 in direct costs across the supplier portfolio.
  • HQP's supplier due diligence reassurance, supported by real customer testimonials.
  • Reduced in-house time and resources spent on procurement processes.
  • 20% discount on HQP’s Y1 Membership through Blue Stream Academy.
What this means for HQP members who aren’t BSA users:
Are you a HQP member but not a BSA user? You could be benefitting from a 10% discount on your new BSA LMS and HR system subscriptions!
Interested in finding out more?
Speak to a member of the team at info@bluestreamacademy.com or on 01773 822549 to request a 30-day free trial and take a look for yourself at why over ¼ of a million users chose Blue Stream Academy year-on-year.

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