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Retake Guidelines

Blue Stream Academy eLearning Suite Manager's Guide

As there are no strict guidelines to most of the training modules, we expect all Practice Managers to have an active role in their recommendations to their staff. This list has been compiled with the help of several Practice Managers and CCG contacts and is accurate at the date of 1st July, 2017. Any changes to current legislation regarding any of the modules shall be sent immediately to all Practice Managers and CCG’s.

As per CQC Guidance Notes (October 2011), service providers and registered managers should assess the need for refresher training according to the service type, care setting and dependent on the role and functions of the worker. This should be reflected in both the service’s workforce development plan and in individual plans for each practitioner. An annual refresher programme should be considered.

Module Recommended to take
Absence Management Every 2 years
Accessible Information Standard Every 3 years
Accident and Incident Reporting Every 2 years
Adult Malnutrition Every 2 years
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Annually
Anaphylaxis Annually
Appraisee/Appraiser Every 2 years
Atrial Fibrillation Annually
Basic Life Support Annually
Being Open Every 2 years
Bullying and Harassment Every 3 years
Challenging Behaviour Every 3 years
Chaperoning Every 2 years
Cleaning Every 3 years
Complaints Every 2 years
Conflict Resolution Every 3 years
Consent Annually
Controlled Drugs Annually
COSHH Every 3 years
Counter Fraud Every 3 years
Customer Care Every 2 years
Cytology Annually
Dementia Awareness Annually
Deprivation of Liberty Every 2 years
Diabetes Awareness Annually
Display Screen Equipment Every 3 years
Domestic Violence Awareness Annually
Electrical Safety Every 2 years
End of Life Care Annually
Equality and Diversity Annually
Fire Safety Annually
Fire Warden Training Annually
First Aid Annually
Fluids and Nutrition Every 2 years
Food Hygiene Every 2 years
Health Navigation Annually
Hand Hygiene Annually
Induction Once
Infection Control (Clinical) Every 2 years
Infection Control (Non-Clinical) Every 2 years
Information Governance Annually
Learning Disabilities Awareness Annually
Legionnaires Disease Every 3 years
Medical Devices Every 3 years
Medicines Management Every 2 years
Mental Capacity Act Annually
Moving and Handling (Clinical) Every 2 years
Moving and Handling (Non-Clinical) Every 2 years
Office Safety Every 3 years
Performance Management Annually
Polypharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Annually
Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic Every 3 years
Prevent Annually
Principles of Health and Safety Every 2 years
Privacy and Dignity Annually
Records Management Every 3 years
Recruitment Annually
Reducing Costs and Saving Energy Every 3 years
Repeat Prescriptions Annually
Risk Management Every 2 years
Safeguarding Adults (Level 1) Annually
Safeguarding Adults (Level 2) Annually
Safeguarding Children – Level One Annually
Safeguarding Children – Level Two Annually
Safeguarding Children – Level Three Annually
Spirometry Annually
Summary Care Records Every 3 years
Waste Management Every 3 years
Whistleblowing Every 2 years
Wound Care Annually


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